Gourmet Adventure Tours

Since 2015, MountNBarrel guided tours have revolutionized agritourism through the region’s wines and scenic landscapes. In 2023, under innovative new leadership, MountNBarrel embraced the full spectrum of flavors in the Columbia River Gorge.

MountNBarrel transcends the ordinary with elevated, guided experiences marked by exceptional service and distinctive flavors.

Matt Sweeting, COO (L) and
Francois Pelletier, Experience Director (R)

MountNBarrel goes beyond typical sightseeing with curated journeys that deeply appreciate the region. The Gourmet Adventure Tour shifts the narrative merely sipping wine in an orchard to a profound immersion, where flavor, scenery, and experience converge.

Dedicated to unparalleled five-star experiences in Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge, MountNBarrel’s commitment to excellence evolves through feedback from guests, collaborators, and industry peers.